Best Santa visit EVER!

– “Santa Chuck embodies the Christmas spirit

and my kids love him!”

It’s really Santa!

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About Santa Chuck

Chuck Smith has been helping the big man in red for almost 40 years. Chuck not only looks the part but very much believes and lives the Christmas spirit. Don’t be surprised after meeting him you walk away knowing he’s the real deal.

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Tips when visiting Santa

Small kids scared of Santa?

Lift your child and hand them to Santa. This shows the child you trust this strange man in a red suit.

Santa reads the room quickly!

Introduce just one child at a time by saying their first name and sharing any hints you want Santa to know about.

Listen closely

Many times your child will tell Santa about a present they’re thinking about but haven’t told you yet.

Don’t force the situation

If your child has doubts don’t force them to sit on Santa’s lap. Let them approach as they see fit. Don’t worry. Santa knows plenty of ways to engage with your child.

Bring the camera

Santa loves to have a picture made with you and your family. For young children it’s smart to bring a favorite small toy so the person behind the camera can use it to get a smile out of everyone.

Santa loves hugs!

It doesn’t matter your age. If you want a hug from Santa then he definitely wants a hug from you. Just let him know.

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Contact Santa Chuck

Feel free to check on availability or ask questions about Christmas. Send an email to or call him in the USA at 615-538-7239

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